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Bill Sewart Althetics Track

BSAT Reopens

The BSAT Committee has agreed to re-open the BSAT facility to the public including schools, sporting clubs and associations from June 13, 2020. This decision follows directives issued by both State and Local government under Victoria’s State of Emergency. All clubs are expected to comply and enforce any restrictions imposed by their association’s governing body, in addition to the following legislated restrictions. Members of the public not associated with the club are also expected to comply with these legislated restrictions.

  1. No more than 20 adults, aged over 18, can use the facility at any one time (coaches and safety officers are not counted as part of the 20 person limit)
  2. No more than 10 spectators can enter and remain at the facility at any one time
  3. No gatherings of more than 100, of those aged 18 years and under, can use the facility at any one time
  4. All gatherings must adhere to social distancing measures of 1.5 metres outside and 4 square metres inside the pavilion

Please observe the following safety precautions

  1. Observe all signage on display at the facility and contact the venue manager or the City of Whitehorse Council if in doubt about your responsibilities as users of the track.
  2. Clubs are required to appoint a safety officer who must register the name, contact number, date and time of attendance of those using the facility
  3. Sanitise hands on entry and exit and all equipment before and after use
  4. All clubs are to have submitted a Return to Training Plan to the Whitehorse Council before accessing the facility